22 September 2011

Moving right along

After a few very long evenings, Tom and I finished the insulation in the bedrooms enough to where the drywallers could start. I had a couple of minor tasks to finish up this morning when they arrived, but nothing that kept them from working. Insulating is a colossal pain in the behind, but I am glad we did it ourselves. Not only did we save ourselves $2000, but we made sure to tuck insulation into cracks and crevices and behind studs that hired help would have probably overlooked. I'm hoping that the R-30 in the ceiling and R-19 in the walls will keep us from paying out our life savings to the electric company every month.

Our contractor said that they'd probably only need two days to hang the drywall in the two bedrooms, but I have serious doubts. When they left for lunch today, they had hung a grand total of TWO sheets. Granted, a lot of the morning was spent cleaning up and clearing out the rooms, but you'd think a crew of 3 guys could manage a little more than that in three hours.

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glenna said...

Go Sarah.....Good thing you are not paying them by the hour.