06 September 2011

Labor Day labors

We took advantage of Tom's day off of work to get a bit more done. The outlet circuits for the two bedrooms are just about complete! We need to pick up some circuit breakers, but the wire has been run all the way to the breaker box in the basement. We are waiting on the plumbing to be finished before we do any of the wiring for the bathroom. I got a start on insulation, too. R-19 batts in the wall will help keep the rooms nice and toasty warm in the winter. It's been dark and dreary (but wonderfully cool), so I haven't gotten any pictures. Plus there are tools and insulation and sawdust strewn everywhere, and electrical rough-ins aren't much to look at anyway. I'll get it cleaned up and update with photos.

1 comment:

glenna said...

Can't wait to see pictures...... They're worth a thousand words, you know. Want to see the progress you two (and crew) are making.