14 June 2011

A rude awakening

Two nights ago we woke up to Zibby barking at 2:30 in the morning. We immediately knew something was wrong. He usually doesn't bark in the middle of the night, so Tom went down to investigate. Turns out the freon lines to our air conditioners were cut to drain out all the refrigerant. This is the same thing that happened last year - the lines were cut and then the coils were stolen a few days later. We have our alarm system hooked up to the heat pumps to prevent theft. The security system was armed and the line was cut, but the alarm did not go off. Made me wonder if we could get the security company to compensate the repair cost.

We called the police and had a report made. Tom had seen a guy walking down the street when he went out to see what was going on and gave the police officer a description. The officer told us that some guy he personally had arrested last year for copper theft just got out of prison in the past month and Tom's description matched his. He pulled up a mug shot on his computer in the car, and Tom IDed him with about 75% certainty.

We had the security company come out to figure out what the problem was and repair the cut line. It turns out the thief has some kind of knowledge of security systems. He spliced together the wires in such a way that closed the circuit and caused it not to trip. I don't know all the technical details, but it's now fixed to where that can't happen anymore. So on the one hand, the thief bypassed the security system which would have gone off if he'd simply cut the line. On the other hand, why did they install such a vulnerable system to begin with? Does this change anything in regards to the security company's monetary responsibility?

What I do know is this:

Zibby's a good boy.


Kathleen said...

Zibby is a good boy! And, very cute, too.

You guys have had some bad luck with this. Amazing that someone would be so bold.


Christina Banker said...

Oh I am so glad you posted a picture of him! He looks good, and I think he has lost weight. I love that dog. I am glad he is protecting his family.