14 June 2011

The American Family Yost

Well, it's been a week and the copper thief has not returned to finish the job. If we can last 10 more days, we probably won't have to worry about it for another year. You see, the likely culprit is being sentenced on June 29 for another string of charges, including 2 class-5 felonies (breaking and entering and possession of criminal tools) and a class-4 felony (theft from an elderly or disabled person). The sad thing is, he's probably pulling off these crimes to not only feed his vices, but also to pay the restitution he owes from yet another conviction. $50,000 can't be an easy amount to come up with, even for a person with a steady job.

It's (almost) too bad that he hasn't returned, because we've been ready. With a defense scheme that lies somewhere between Swiss Family Robinson and Home Alone, we've been sleeping lightly - with our shoes on - and waiting. I won't go into details (I wouldn't want to spoil the surprise in case he does come back), but let's just say that when you live in a construction zone, you've got plenty of scary and dangerous tools at your immediate disposal.

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Christina Banker said...

I am skert. This guy sounds like a slimy weasel.