24 June 2011

Frugal Friday

Regardless of the state of the economy, being frugal is always wise. I'll leave the big items to Dave Ramsey and Suze Orman, but every Friday I'll share one small thing I do that eases the purse strings a little bit. It's not house progress (yeah, we're working on it), but maybe it'll keep my mom from assuming I'm dead because I haven't updated in weeks.

The inaugural Frugal Friday tip is an easy one: cook! Even if you're buying groceries at full-price (ha! Who does that?) you'll still come out ahead over eating out. The recipes I use are generally written for 4-6 servings, but I usually don't halve them. Instead, I make the whole recipe and eat the leftovers for lunch during the week. We've always got a steady rotation of yummy homemade things in the refrigerator. This week we've had Spanish rice and enchiladas, Thai curry with chicken, chicken lazone, and chicken and broccoli stir fry. (Can you guess our meat of choice?) My meals work out to about $1 per serving but are often even less than that! An added bonus of cooking at home is that you know exactly what's going into your food and can make healthier substitutions as desired.

Are you the kind of person that burns water? Frozen skillet meals or even microwave meals are still cheaper than grabbing fast food at the end of the day and probably faster!


Anonymous said...

I think I'm going to love this new Frugal Friday feature!


Anonymous said...

Who'd a thought......that four out of five of you girls would have turned out to be so thrifty (with the last one finally getting on board)....at least when it comes to matching prices. It takes a little time to amp up, but once on board, and you start shopping the weekly sales, have practice in couponing, matching mfg and store coupons, knowing where to search those extra cents off buys in the stores of choice, then they will probably end up paying you to shop with them!

Though I have always though myself thrifty (some even called me "practical Glenna")you girls have taken this to a new height. You are now officially far better at this than me.............Keep up the good work, it means serious money in your pocket at months end. Maybe a part of this game should include a running total of the amount of money you have saved (or not spent)for a month, then a year. I honestly believe it would amount to several hundred to several thousand a year. MOM