14 May 2011

It was nice while it lasted

All the flowers in the raised bed are done for the season. The last of the tulips puttered out about a week ago. At the same time, my one peony bud finally bloomed!

Mme Calot peony

Peonies take about three years to establish, so I was happy with even the one bloom. Unfortunately, an afternoon hail storm two days later reduced it to a pile of petals on the ground. Luckily the two rose bushes have taken over the spotlight to detract from the now empty flowerbed.

My first bouquet of the season, on my nightstand

This is the rose bush that the previous owner told me was 100 years old. It's probably not quite that old, but it is old and very profuse. In the three years we've owned the house, I've never done a thing to them. The ghost of Miss Kitta must be looking after them for me!

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glenna said...

Flowers abloom are so uplifting. Nothing like planting a seed, bulb or tuber and having it become a plant that you will enjoy for years to come. Though I know you did NOT plant this rose bush, it will give you plenty of enjoyment until your own planned and planted garden takes root. (I pruned it somewhat when I came for Birdie's birth to encourage it into a bushier form) With time and care (and a good plan from CACA) your yard will be an expression of yourself. Something can be in bloom all year long for arrangements.

Keep up the good work, Love MOM