06 February 2010

Progress report.

The guys that my extremely generous in-laws arranged to do the drywall finishing have been working at the house for the past two days. This is what the bedroom looked like the last time we fooled with it:

And here are some photos of what it looked like at closing time today:

They even hung a bit of drywall in the bathroom. Unfortunately, their hanging skills aren't as good as their mudding skills. While we painstakingly measured each piece of drywall and had to take them down several times to cut off little bits here and there to make sure they fit tightly, they left much larger gaps. But, since they're pretty good at mudding, I'm hopeful they can take care of it.

Because of the sloppiness with the drywall, we're a little leery of letting them do everything that they had talked about doing, including building the shower from scratch and tiling the floor. I'm perfectly willing to take on those projects myself.

If they continue at the rate they're going, we'll be able to prime by next weekend!

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Elizabeth said...

Wow Sarah, things are coming along! We were so happy to hear your news, Congratulations!