22 February 2010

More tile pictures

Here's the bathroom tile, all grouted and sealed:

We (I) picked a colored grout rather than plain black, white, or gray. It's called pewter and is a bit lighter and more silvery than the standard gray grout. It picks up the color of the veins in the tile pretty well. It's a little thing, but I think it makes a difference.

There's still a little bit of drywall work left to do in the bathroom, so I want to get that done this week. After that's done, I'll prepare the walls for priming (wiping them down with a tack cloth to get rid of the loose drywall dust). I want to do this before installing the toilet so it's not such a hassle to paint behind it. I should probably look into baseboards pretty soon for the same reason, even if that little section behind the toilet is the only place to have a baseboard for a while.


Anonymous said...

Y'all are doing a great job. It looks fantastic!


AnNicole@Our Suburban Cottage said...

Love your tile! I've been saving my pennies to retile my bathroom floor (almost there). I really like the pattern you chose.

And thanks for your comment on the bushes. "Dwarf"...got it.