12 February 2010

Bits and pieces

As promised, here are some photos of what Tom and I managed to do this weekend.

First we cut pieces of 2x8 to fit vertically between the studs in the shower. This will help keep the concrete contained when we pour the slab. We also cut chicken wire (you can see it if you look closely) to fit snugly in the bottom of the shower floor. Our shower will have 2 layers of concrete separated by a rubber waterproofing membrane. The chicken wire will act as reinforcement (like rebar) for the first layer. It will be a thinner layer and will need that bit of reinforcement to support the weight of the other layer of concrete and tile that will rest on it.

Then we cut 4 pieces of 2x8 for the shower curb. This will help form the concrete floor, plus contain water when the shower is running. Right now it's a shelf for tools and miscellaneous equipment.

Yesterday I hung plastic sheeting up in the shower, which will be a vapor barrier behind the backerboard and tile. Maybe I've just been watching too many detective shows, but it seems like it would have been very easy for somebody to suffocate me with all that plastic and make it look like an accident. I'm glad my husband loves me. And that I don't have a life insurance policy.

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Anonymous said...

Yay, progress! It looks great!