11 February 2010

3-step process

The mudding process is in various stages of completion. The bedroom drywall has been sanded and is awaiting its third and final coat. The closet drywall has two coats and is ready to be sanded. The bathroom has only one coat. I'm not terribly happy with the way the mud looks in the bathroom so far, but there is plenty of time for it to be fixed. It is only one layer, after all.

The drywall guys made a brilliant suggestion so obvious I can't believe I hadn't thought of it. They suggested we stuff a bit of insulation into the ends of the HVAC ducts that are hanging from the rafters and (temporarily) move the thermostat into the bedroom. This will keep the heat contained mostly in the master suite, and we won't waste a ton of money heating the rest of the upstairs.

To help seal off the master suite, I'll be hanging plastic sheeting over the doorway. I'll also hang it in the shower as a waterproofing measure behind the backerboard. I should be able to get all of that done this afternoon without too much trouble. I'll post some photos of this as well as what Tom and I did this weekend.

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