23 August 2009


Whenever I do anything in the yard beyond mowing, I invariably get at least one visitor while I'm working. Today I got three.

The first was from Lloyd, our next-door-neighbor. He told me that he confronted a guy creeping around the property late Thursday night. The guy claimed that he knew us and that we'd told him that he could stay there overnight. Sure we did, buddy. Lloyd's dogs got out of the gate and chased the guy, who ran off yelling, "I don't want no trouble, man." So, thanks Lloyd and your ferocious Jack Russell terriers.

The second visit was from a cracked-out looking lady pushing a shopping cart full of shoeboxes. She tried to peddle these stolen shoes for "only $10 a pair," giving me some story about her sister's shoe store going out of business, and the water company going to shut her water off tomorrow, and she had a young son at home, so they needed water. I apologize for the run-on/fragment, but that's pretty much how it was presented to me. I told her I wasn't really interested, so she offered to help me with the yard for a few bucks. Also not interested, lady. She came back again an hour or so later with the same story. I don't know if she remembered talking to me before or not. This time she started pulling shoes out of their boxes to show me. I told her that I didn't really have time to look at them right now since I needed to get this yardwork done today, but that if she told me where her sister's shop was, I'd be happy to stop by there tomorrow when I had more time. Oh, boy. I've never seen anybody backpeddle so poorly. I guess crackheads don't make for very good salesmen. Or liars.

The third visit was from a relatively normal enough guy, curious about what we're doing with the house. This is the usual kind of visit I get while in the yard. He said he had grown up in the neighborhood and was friends with one of the kids that used to live in our house. He said he was glad we were taking on the project, and that it's a good neighborhood (despite the aforementioned shoe peddler). It's a small thing, but I really appreciate the support of people who know the area and want to see it restored to what it was just 15 years ago.

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