09 August 2009

Let's play a little game, shall we?

Can you tell me what's wrong with this picture? Click on it to view a full-size photo if you need to see it better.

Any guesses? No?

Tom's white sneakers are a questionable fashion choice, but we'll let it slide (until Labor Day, of course). That's not what I'm talking about, either. And for the particularly observant, it's not the fact that he wears his wedding ring on his middle finger, either.

It's the plumbing. The #$%^& people installed the pipes in the middle of the floor, 6" from the edge of the wall. Now consider the fact that the (non-load-bearing) wooden wall has 3 main purposes: 1) provide a place to hang drywall; 2) hide electrical wiring; 3) hide plumbing. I understand the fact that this is a sometimes necessary way of doing the plumbing, but in this instance, it's mind-boggingly nonsensical. Long story longer, we'll have to redo even this section of plumbing. Ugh.

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