31 August 2009

Creeping along

Tom is still out sick (he's had a low-grade fever all weekend and is even missing work today), so I had some quality alone-time Sunday and today at the house. I leak-tested the plumbing. There was one spot that was dripping a little bit, so I took the joint off and applied more plumber's putty/pipe dope. I didn't retest to see if it worked, but I'm pretty sure it did the trick.

Today I finished the door frame to the bathroom and (I think) all the necessary blocking for hanging drywall. This evening I'm going to try to get the master suite cleaned out of all the extraneous tools and assorted junk so we have a clean(er) place to work. If Tom isn't feeling better by the end of the week, I'm going to have to figure out how to hang ceiling drywall by myself.

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