25 August 2009

Getting ahead of myself...

I know it's too early to really think about the details of decorating, but I found a pair of tall gourd lamps while at Goodwill yesterday. I've seen these in design magazines for months, and have been constantly appalled at the usually $200+ price tag for one lamp.

The citrus hues aren't really my style, but I like the lines of them. For $10 per lamp plus the cost of paint, I can forgive them that transgression. Of course, I'll have to wait until I have a room to put them in before I can paint them. Plain black or white is an obvious and mod choice, but I'm thinking a very subtle tone-on-tone crackle effect might give them the appearance of hand-dipped pottery. But I'm getting ahead of myself again.


Anonymous said...

These are cool, Sarah. I went back and read all the updates that I missed over the past couple months and you two are doing great!

Glenna said...

Does that lamp have a round wooden ball on top? And do you want that duplicated on the other one? Or do you prefer the circular loop look on the other one? I have run across the round wooden one on several occasions recently. Let me know--maybe you prefer the mis-match look. Love MOM