29 August 2013

Item #104

Craftsman style board and batten with picture ledgeIt's been two months since I checked in, which is about 14 years in internet time. I wish I could say that I've been so busy getting stuff done that I haven't had the opportunity. It's more like I've been so ashamed at the lack of progress that I've been in hiding. Between the heat and the morning sickness (yep, having a baby boy at the end of January) and two very active toddlers, progress has been pretty well non-existent. I did, however, just finish building this project yesterday. It's a board and batten wall with a picture ledge on top. The headboard for the bed will be against this wall. Hopefully I'll be able to get it primed and painted this week.

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glenna said...

Just when I had given up ever seeing anything new on the blog, you go and surprise me. Progress is going to be even slower, now. Glad to see "our" nest is being feathered.