02 September 2013

Item #104 update

I managed to get the board-and-batten wall primed and coated with one coat of paint over the weekend. I'm doing it all with brushes, not rollers, so it has been a time investment - especially since I've been painting the door trim (the two doors pictured plus one additional door) at the same time. On wood or things that are supposed to represent wood (like the drywall that is supposed to be the "board" of the board-and-batten), I insist on using a brush. It gives the surface a little bit more dimension. I'm probably the only one that will ever notice it specifically, but it really does make an aesthetic difference. One more coat of paint and this project will be totally done. Even though it's a holiday today, Tom has to work for a while, so it probably won't get done until he has a day off.

Board and Batten wall, before and after

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glenna said...

I'm glad I got to see the after picture, because I could not get a picture of it in my head. I was thinking you were just going to paint the batten a different color.....I rarely get it until I can see it finished. As always, it is looking good.