15 June 2013

Just when I thought my hydrangea bushes would never bloom, this sight greeted me this morning. There are still plenty of buds left to open, too.


Christina Banker said...

I lurve hydrangeas and we have so little shade here they burn up. Inexplicably there is a bush on the side of my house that seems to be thriving this year though we have already had some triple digit days. Maybe the other plants around it are maturing and giving it some cover. I am glad you have a bush that is growing.

glenna said...

I too, love hydrangeas......My Oak Leaf Hydrangea was the most beautiful it has EVER been. I am in the midst of rooting several different ones. We have all manner of shade for them to love/live in. Catherine gave me a Limelight that thomas broke off while playing, so I am hoping it takes. Nancy has a fancy varigated leaf one that I want to take a snip of....and probably will sometime soon. But there is a French? Hydrangea that is a flat daisy like blossom that would be the prize. Am working on it.