11 April 2013

More on the pantry

Primed pantry walls and beadboardAlright, here's the pantry now. Since the last time I updated, it got a third coat of mud, then I sanded it smooth and primed the walls and beadboard. I am not going to update on the pantry again until I'm ready for a big reveal. So...see you next year?


glenna said...

Don't even think about making us wait that long.....Looking for ideas on small spaces? Might have some ideas.
Saw some innovative ideas on making drawers under the stairs for storage, which makes sense. They followed up the steps and on one photo you could hardly tell that there were drawers under the stairs. They progressively get smaller the higher up you go, but you certainly should be able to get at least three good sized drawers and maybe a small one or two. I know I am NOT explaining that well......it is not inside the pantry area, the drawers roll out towards the hall from under the stairs.

Sarah said...

Way ahead of you on that one, MOM. I've already laid the groundwork for putting some drawers under the stairs (which would open from the hallway, not the pantry). I sincerely hope it doesn't take me a year to finish this one tiny room, but you never know around here.