08 April 2013

I got two coats of mud on the drywall over the weekend and wanted to do the third coat today, but I didn't have enough time after I fooled with the flowers. But I did have enough time to hang the beadboard backing for the niche. This stuff is thin and a little fragile on the interlocking edges, so hanging it requires a gentle touch. It looks and functions great once it's up.


glenna said...

Up till a few minutes ago, I was still thinking this was going to be an under the stair half bath. I guess because the toilet drain was in the floor. I'm going to get a handle on this yet. Have you planned the layout of the pantry yet? Can't wait.

Sarah said...

A while back I decided that we needed a 3/4 bath downstairs, so the under-stairs setup wasn't going to work. I know I'm doing shelves in the beadboard niche, but I'm not sure yet about the rest of it. I was thinking about doing a base cabinet on the other end, but I'm still weighing the pros and cons of that vs shelves.