08 April 2013

Flowers out front

Hyacinths and Dusty Miller
This weekend I cleared out a bunch of dusty miller from my front flower bed. They are sold as annuals but they survived our winter and had taken over the bed. Once they were tamed, my hyacinths were able to bloom. They smelled so good as I crouched to take this picture.   I have hydrangeas planted behind the dusty miller, and the branches have buds galore already. I have my fingers crossed that there are no late freezes that will hurt the buds.

Purple and White pansiesI also started some window boxes. The only flowers available were pansies, so I'll have to fill in with other plants later. I don't know why I've been so antsy for flowers this spring. No worries, it doesn't take WalMart long to half-kill their potted plants and throw them on the clearance rack, and that's when I'll pounce.


glenna said...

I sure do MISS the smell of those Hyacinths. Reminds me of Springtime at home. Enjoy....and plant some more Peonies (Sarah Bernhardt) for me.

Sarah said...

I actually just planted another peony on the street side of the house, between two new Blueberries & Cream hydrangeas (half price at Lowe's). It's a Dr. Alexander Fleming peony. It looks similar to the Sarah Bernhardt, except it's a darker pink.