28 April 2012

The vanity

You're going to think I'm crazy, but there's a plan. It'll all turn out alright in the end. This is the dresser I bought to turn into a vanity for the hall bathroom. Before:

And after (not really totally done, since I need to make the cutout for the sink and modify the drawers to accommodate the plumbing):

Tom said it "looks like an old lady color." Whatever, buddy. That must be the hippest old lady on the block. Finally, a Cannon girl that's not afraid of color! Even if it is an old lady color.


Kathleen said...

I'm looking forward to the details on this project, as I just purchased an old dresser for the same purpose a few days ago. It's sitting in my garage getting a leg glued together, and next I'll either just clean it up or paint it. I like the color you chose. Old ladyish? Not at all.

glenna said...

That's OK, he'd better get used to a very feminine home unless he's prepared to even it up. Old ladyish.. psha.