20 April 2012

Yeah, about that A#1 priority...

Remember when I said that getting the attic flooring done was A-#1 priority? It has barely been touched since I wrote that. I took a break from it for one day because my knees, ankles, and back were achy. Clara's hardly napped all week, so I've tried to occupy my time with smaller tasks that won't get me particularly dirty (so I don't have to change clothes and spend 20 minutes washing up so I can play with her). As a result, I managed to paint the bathroom and get the sconces installed.

Yes, I realize I'll need to remove the plastic on the shades. Protecting them until the bathroom is done!

It's hard to tell in the photo, but it's a pretty green-grey color called Prairie Sage. I found two matching gallons in the half-price mistints at Walmart and decided that was enough of a sign for me.

For somebody who's not overly fond of green, I sure am using a lot of green paint in our house. I wonder what the mistint gods have in mind for the vanity.

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