22 November 2011

Minty fresh

I've been wanting to mulch the front flower bed since I planted the pieris and hyacinths, but it has been raining pretty much nonstop. Despite my best efforts to keep the street gutter clean, there has been standing water there since the rain started. Oh well.

The wet weather has given me a great excuse to get things done indoors. I first put all the tools back into the nook at the top of the stairs:

Still looks messy, but everything is tidy and visible.

That freed up enough room in the bedroom for me to crack open the paint I bought from the big sale at Sherwin-Williams.

 About $36 for two gallons. Not shabby!

I had them mix a custom color between two adjacent color chips. It is a hue between SW Embellished Blue and SW Waterfall.

As soon as the can was open I feared I had made a huge mistake. It looked very minty. 


I started painting anyway, knowing that it always looks different on the walls than in the can, and I could always paint over it with another color if it was totally horrible. Oh boy. It went from mint to MINT!. I spent a lot of time picking out the paint color and was pretty bummed that it was reading as bright mint green on the white walls. I kept on trucking, though, and now I'm glad I did. Now that it's surrounded by itself rather than white, it looks more like the aqua color I expected. Whew. Color crisis averted! I'll have to provide a picture another time - the rainy gray outside wasn't providing good lighting for photos.


glenna said...

Selecting paint is always a "crap shoot"...Lighting in the room plays the major roll in what it appears to be when finished. Paint chips are so misleading as is the light source in the store where you choose the chip. Incandescent, Fluorescent, Mercruy, Bright white, soft white, daylight and whatever else they have come up with all have a major impact on what those walls will eventually appear to be. Once the walls are painted and the light is shed on it, it further changes with the accessories that you choose for the room. So do your best, and if it is not exactly as you planned, it's only another $30. or so and a couple of hours of your time. Can't wait to see the pictures.

Sarah said...

Well, I thought I needed to go more green than blue because of the northern light of this room. Northern light is cooler and will make colors look a little bluer. I hung the paint chips up in the room and looked at them at different times of the day. I also compared it to a piece of fabric that I'm using as my color scheme inspiration, and everything looked fine. Once I get some other things in the room, I'm sure it won't jump out at me like it does now.