14 November 2011

Back outside again

Because of our temperate weather Saturday, I spent naptime outside trying to get the front of the house a little more presentable. All the leaves and debris from the entire block inevitably end up in the gutter in front of our house and blocks the storm drain at the corner. The gutter has a hard enough time doing its job due to an incorrect pitch, and all the gunk just makes it worse. Anyway, I periodically shovel out all the junk to prevent standing water  when it rains.  

 In case you don't know what a gutter looks like. Leaves are already starting to gather again.
 I finally planted the pieris that's been sitting on the porch for months and also got some hyacinths in the ground. It sounds like a small task, but I had to clear the ground of the grass and weeds that had overtaken the area. I had to till up the compacted soil with a shovel before I could plant anything. 

Still needs mulch, but I should be able to do that today. If I get really ambitious, I may try to get some more bulbs planted close to the existing mulch line. We'll see.

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