11 November 2011

Ambitious goals

My to-do list for the day was very short. It involved installing these things:

Really not ambitious at all. You see, Clara hasn't been sleeping well lately. Instead of napping she's been practicing a range of awful vocalizations that I'm pretty sure no other creature could replicate. And of course Evie can't sleep with all that racket going on, and the sounds are about to drive me to the madhouse. And unfortunately those noises aren't stopping at night, either. All in all it's been a rough few days for everybody around here. Keeping the task list short was kind of a necessity. So, how'd I do?

Alright, so that's not entirely true. Though it was a blink-and-you'll-miss-it nap today, I did manage to install the doorknob. This was the only door in the house that was missing its knob, and the genius employee of our contractor stuck a piece of wood through the mechanism so you could get the door back open if necessary. I picked up a glass doorknob at an antique shop for $14. Here's the STUNNING transformation. I obviously need to clean up the door and hardware, but you're not likely to get a splinter anymore while trying to open the door.

And this is as far as I got with the fan/light switch.

If Clara keeps up this pace, it'll take me all year to get that switch wired.


glenna said...

Oh dear, and I thought at first glance that last picture was of your pulled out hair. She must be cutting teeth, but who knows, she may just want to know you're still there. The shrieking is certainly one of my LEAST favorite phases they go through. Keep your sanity in tact, plan to be downstairs for her naptime. Good Luck.

glenna said...

OBTW, I truly LOVE glass door knobs and that one is especially beautiful.