05 August 2015

After a few intense weeks of work, we are finally far enough along to have put in a big drywall order at Lowe's. It was supposed to be delivered today, but when it arrived, it was short by more than 20 sheets. Also, chunks were missing from corners, and the edges were badly torn. I told the guy I couldn't accept the delivery, so he'll be back on Friday or Saturday with (I hope) a better and correct supply. In the meantime, I'll be prepping the kitchen so we can start hanging sheetrock as soon as the delivery arrives.

I have officially waved the white flag on the bathroom plumbing and called a plumber to help. He's finishing up a whole-house rough-in installation this week and *hopefully* will get to us next week. It shouldn't take him more than a day or two for him to complete his work here, and I'm optimistic about the progress I can make in there once he's done. The ceiling will need to be dropped somewhat, and I have to wait for the plumbing to be completed before I can do that. Pictures to follow once there's something to take pictures of!

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