15 April 2014

One Room Challenge - Week Two

This week I prepped for vanity installation - installed shutoff valves, cut out plumbing access in the back of the dresser, and cut a hole in the top for the sink. Before I could screw the vanity into place, I needed to install the baseboard. I used the baseboard we salvaged from the classroom near Cincinnati, but I had to strip it of several layers of paint first. The wood was pretty but not so pretty that I felt guilty for painting it. I made and installed the plinth blocks for the doors. I wanted to get to the door trim, but making plinth blocks and stripping paint ate up a lot of work time this week (plus we were out of town over the weekend). Installing the plinths had to come before the baseboard, but the rest of the door trim can wait a bit longer.

That's it for week 2! 

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