02 April 2014

Once upon a(n embarrassingly long) time ago, I started tiling the floor of our hall bathroom. Two years later, it still sat undone, yet ridiculously close to completion. I only had a small area just inside the doorway left to do, which required a few cuts.

I don't know why I found cutting the mosaics so intimidating, but it was enough of a problem for me to stall out on this project for two years. I ended up just popping the tiles off the sheets and holding each individual tile in my hand (you could use pliers if you're into "safety" or whatever) and grinding it against the side of the spinning saw blade. The cuts aren't perfect, but they'll do. I only had about 20 tiles that needed to be cut, so it didn't take too long. 

Now that the floor is laid and cleaned up, I can grout! Hopefully it'll get done faster than the tiling did.

*As a small defense, tiling is not something you can do for 5 minutes here or there when you've got a small break. With mortar, you've got to have a block of time to devote to tiling, and that just doesn't happen. Ever.

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