10 July 2012

 I hauled Tom's old desk upstairs into the spare room to use as a sewing table. It had the unparalleled benefits of being free and of freeing up some room downstairs. However, it's also old and kind of crummy, so it's got some extra special customizations to make it work. Namely, duct tape and a stack of books. My dad would be proud, at least regarding the duct tape.  It doesn't look as bad as it sounds. Here it is looking halfway respectable.

 You have to get down low to see the books propping up the back side.

The duct tape will be unnecessary once I locate the metal brace that holds the two tabletop portions together.

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glenna said...

I can almost guarantee a little person in your house has already spotted those books, and I will give her three days before she decides to remove one or all of them from their stack.... awe, they are just so darn curious, little people are.