09 July 2012

Finishing what I started, part 2

My mom's been begging for part 2 of this series, where I actually do something with the furniture I've been hoarding. This chair was given to us by the same friends who gave us the desk in the entryway. The fabric was torn, and the frame was a tad rickety. Here's the before shot:

Twenty minutes later I had turned it into this:

I added a layer of foam to make it a little cushier and swapped out the embroidered cover for a suede-like yellow fabric. A lot of people might have painted the frame, but I like the yellow fabric against the wood. I think every room needs a little natural wood anyway, plus the brown ties in to the tones in the rug. The rickety-ness vanished after I put the seat back on and tightened the screws. Since this is to be a sewing chair, I added a throw pillow ($.25 or $.50 from a yard sale) for extra comfort.

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glenna said...

See, that wasn't so painful, now was it? I really did love that old needlepoint seat to the chair.... anything left of it? Can it be upcycled to a pillow? Just wondering. And the chair does look great. That's two mini projects out of the way. And both benefited by tightening their screw/bolts.