10 May 2012

Repaying the (sleep) deficit

The kids have been on a sleep deficit since we left for New York a few days ago. They both have a little touch of a cold and have been cranky and unwilling to settle down for the night much less a nap. Today the exhaustion finally caught up with them and I had four hours of uninterrupted worktime. I didn't let the lack of floor tiles stop my progress in the bathroom. I got more backerboard up on the walls and started the wall tiles, leaving a small gap at the bottom for the floor tile to slide underneath for a clean edge without having to cut any tile.

This is the wall behind the toilet. Even if I don't get the entire bathroom done before my family comes, I want to at least be able to install the toilet, so that side of the room is top priority. Plus, since this is my first tiling attempt, this wall would be the least visible if I messed up. Tomorrow I'll get out that wet saw and start making some cuts!

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