13 September 2009

Too tired for a full post you probably won't read anyway.

So a list of today's activities will have to do.

- Cut up branches and put in garbage can for pickup.
- Mowed lawn.
- Uprooted (most of) a plant in the middle of the yard. Root-rot accelerator should take care of the rest.
- Relocated bricks formerly surrounding said plant (our yard is actually mostly brick pavers - under all the weeds, of course) to another pile of bricks.
- Rescued the neighbor's escaped dog.
- Installed ceiling fixture in the closet - using Spanish instructions. Gracias, Senora Santini.
- Finished sanding one side of the bedroom door.
- Hung insulation in the wall between the closet and the bathroom.
- Hauled a bunch of drywall upstairs.
- Hung a sheet of greenboard on the sink wall in bathroom.
- (Mostly) installed the washer (including wiring the electrical, hooking up hoses, and leveling the machine).
- Got angry again about not standing up for my original closet/laundry room layout, as we now have about 3 feet on each side for usable closet space.
- (Mostly) installed the dryer.

Despite all this, I can't officially cross anything off the list. Drat.


Glenna said...

I read every word of your blog, maybe not at the hour you post, but I do read it. Besides, your blog may become a "Best Seller" book one day that will make you a bundle. Hopefully, at least enough to pay for all that you have done. Let them all know how bone weary these projects can be. NO ONE can prepare themselves for all of what you are doing unless they are in the business of redoing houses. Keep up the good work............Love MOM

PS Did you receive an envelope I mailed to you this week?

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a very productive weekend...makes me feel like a slacker!