18 September 2009


As I mentioned before, Tom and I painted last night at the gym where he plays table tennis. It was nice to get to start and finish a project all in the same day. That hasn't happened to us recently, if ever. It was pretty tough painting on the brick, and we were worried we wouldn't have enough paint, but we managed. It needs a second coat, but it looks alright if you stand back a bit. I take no responsibility for the Smurfy color. Here are Tom and Carl hard at work:

My job was to come back with a brush and touch up the bottom part where they couldn't get with a roller. I had to wait for them to finish this section and move the drop cloth, so I had a minute or two to get a few quick photos. And here's the wall after we were done:

The opposite wall before:

And after:

The paint color isn't really my taste, but it will serve its purpose - to give a greater contrast between the ping pong ball and the wall. And despite the color, the fresh coat of paint makes it look much better, and since we only painted 5' up the wall, it's not totally overwhelming. Maybe someday we'll get around to painting in our house...sigh.

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glenna said...

Great balls of fire--that is certainly an eye popping color. If the ping pong balls are still white, then they should have no difficulty in seeing it. My hope would be that the opposing team has an aversion to this color and it will drive them to distraction.

How is it that the schedule of events and places they are held are not already set? Is this a new season? What are Tom's W/L ratios? How is he doing this year? Inquiring minds gotta know. Love MOM