14 November 2013

Kitchen planning: the cabinets

The tiny bit of progress downstairs has me dreaming big again (no, I will never learn). I've been obsessing over planning my kitchen for years now, and I think I've finally nailed down a lot of details and specifics.

First, the cabinets. I'm going to use Ikea. Now, you might associate Ikea with crappy particleboard furniture, but I promise their kitchen components are pretty high quality stuff. They use Blum hardware as their standard drawer glides and hinges, something which is a major upgrade with other cabinet lines. I used their drawers in the girls' room and have been very impressed. Not that my kids would ever abuse their furniture, but let's just say that the drawers easily handle two jumping toddlers and still slide smoothly with both of them in the drawer. Plus they have a 25-year warranty. I did a rough estimate of what my kitchen cabinets will cost, and I came in under $3500 (and that is with the most expensive door options!). And lest you think that Ikea will look cheap, here are a few Ikea kitchens that might change your mind.

This is the kitchen of gardenweb user brickmanhouse. He customized a lot, but he did the whole kitchen for under $20k.

This one from Stately Kitsch is beautiful as well. Again, customization is key.

This one is from blogger duo Aubrey and Lindsey. A bit modern for my own house, but still awesome, yes?

Designer and HGTV personality Sarah Richardson often uses Ikea cabinets in her renovations to keep her costs down. She usually has the doors professionally painted for a custom look.

Sunset Magazine featured this one. Not entirely my style, but it definitely doesn't look cheap.

And last but not least, this is probably my favorite Ikea kitchen of all time, by the gardenweb user oldhouse1. It has already served as a reference point for me on countless occasions. This is what my kitchen wants to be when it grows up!

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I like the look of the last one as well.