28 October 2013


I've been doing some preparations downstairs for serious work, namely cleaning out the back portion of the house. This is what we started with:

Years worth of scrap construction stuff thrown haphazardly back there to be dealt with "later." Well, it's later. Here's the same space now:

I hope you kept your expectations sufficiently low. Most of the stuff was just moved elsewhere on the first floor, but we did get rid of a fair amount of junk, too. The plan is to get the back room framed and install flooring (to free up some room in the front of the house), then keep working our way forward to the front of the house. I think we've already exhausted plans A through Z, so I guess we're far enough removed from the original to just call this plan A again.

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glenna said...

I remember cleaning and straightening that space at least twice, but just to the point of organizing what was there, not discarding anything.

What is the time frame on this section? I realize it will include the kitchen, bath, laundry, etc, but once closed in and finished, you will have soooooooo much more room for the girls to stretch out in. And plenty of cabinet doors to keep things like.......India ink,nail polish, etc in. I feel like there will be less getting into with that. I am willing to make the trip to help out with whatever I can....