12 March 2013

I was so looking forward to revealing the finished closet. I finally got all the ikea drawers installed yesterday and put on the drawer fronts that I made last week. I stepped back to look at it. And it looked awful. I mean really, truly terrible. I cried. Tom came home - 2 hours late as always - and looked at it. He agreed it looked bad, which means it is probably even worse than I thought. I cried some more. I am totally out of steam on this project, which means it is going to sit in its current state for another 10 years until I run out of other poorly-done projects to be fed up with.

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glenna said...

You're being way too hard on yourself. Not everything we do turns out magnificently......I am sorry that I have made it seem so, your entire life. Sometimes you just need to scrap it and start over. You are MORE than capable, so back up and run over that dog again when you are in a better frame of mind. MOM