21 August 2012

Finishing touches

I finally put the crown moulding on the two windows in the guest bedroom. It definitely makes it look more finished than just the 1x6 did. Here's a reminder of the before:

And the after:

I may still add a piece of lattice moulding to the top of the crown, but probably not anytime soon. I made Roman shades using a cheap set of vinyl blinds. You can unfortunately see the glue line through the fabric, but it's not bad for about $7 a blind! (I bought a bolt of fabric eons ago for $5, and it serendipitously exactly matches the wall color - another clearance find.) The amount of sunlight coming in is hugely reduced (this room has eastern, southern, and western exposures), keeping the room substantially cooler.


Kathleen said...

The windows look really good. I am impressed with what you have accomplished!

glenna said...

Beautiful windows.......I am proud of you and that edubacation we paid for. I know it will ALL be beautiful, one day.