05 December 2011

Once upon a time

I've been feeling pretty crummy the past couple of days. Weak, headache-y, sore, chills even when I'm bundled up enough to sweat... Not fun. I just confirmed I have a fever of 101.7, so I'm trying to rest as much as I can with an 18-month- and 2-month-old. Here's some other happenings since I last checked in.

The tree hasn't been touched since the last time I mentioned it. I'll finish the ornaments someday. And maybe even get another strand of lights for the last 10" of the top.

Bedtime story. "Once upon a time [Clara turns page] The end."

 Roses in December? I love this rosebush!

So sleepy and so chubby. And so cute!

Ceiling fan installed in the girls' bedroom. Tom wired the switch for it.

That's all, folks.


glenna said...

Finally progress that is making it seem like it is coming together. Soon that will be three bedrooms that will be painted and ready for occupants. Sheet rocking the upper hallway to the front of the house is next? THEN ON TO THE DOWNSTAIRS? No, the second bathroom is in need, also. I know there must be a million things that you need to do in between, but starting on the downstairs will definitely seem like it is coming together.

And where did that Chubette come from. She has definitely got a set of cheeks on her. She seems so much different than stinkertail. Not quite as the drastic difference as one of your sisters three children to the pack, but a blonde haired, blue eyed and a dark brown hair/hazel eyed baby. Go figure genetics.....I would say they were clones, but something got mixed up...CGY looks more like dad, with your coloration, EEY looks more like you with T's coloration. Strange. CACA's children are the closest to a clone I have ever seen.

glenna said...

I just noticed that E sleeps like her Grammy, stretched out with her arms up over and behind her head. Careful..... sleeping like that will guarantee Carpal Tunnel is in her future.