26 October 2010

On the fence.

I've eliminated a lot of fencing options, but there are still plenty of designs and variations left to ponder. First there's the fence panel shape to consider. There's curved concave:

stepped concave:


and straight:

Then there's the post style. You can choose to add moulding:

cut the ends:

add a cap:

or a finial:

or cut it lower than the pickets so it all but disappears:

And if that wasn't enough, you still have to decide on pickets. There's dog-eared pickets:

gothic style pickets:


and flat:

and any shape you can imagine:

not to mention your choice of picket width and spacing. You can even alternate picket heights:

Is it any wonder that I get utterly overwhelmed with the choices?


glenna said...

I like the first, fourth and last fence pictured. However, you need to take into account the style of house you have and what it will look like with that. But I think my very favorite is the last one, it is a very old style----looks very nostalgic and not many people are using it, so it won't be used to death in your area.

Xinathebigsister said...

I like the first and last fence choices; the last being my most favorite. I definitely like caps better than finials for the posts. So sayeth the design committee.

glenna said...

Looking forward to the "AFTER" picture that I just know will be posted SOON. So are you "Still on the Fence" about the fence?

glenna said...

You wouldn't believe how many times a week I check for a new posting--still nothing. Are you trying to make me come up there and take care of my sweet patootie while you make progress?

Sara @ Russet Street Reno said...

I'm exhausted just reading about all the choices. Thanks for entering my giveaway!