13 September 2010

The State of the Yard

We spent a few hours this weekend taking up grass and weeds from the perimeter of the yard. It now looks like this:

You can see the small mock-up of the wall at the bottom of the picture. I haven't quite decided how high to build it. If we go five bricks high, it is a good height for sitting, but we're not sure if that should be encouraged, given this scene a few months ago:

Mmm, beer and cigarettes at 8 am.

What we're doing in the yard: The wide swath of dirt where we removed the grass will be enclosed by a low brick wall on all sides to form a raised planting bed. We plan to also build a picket fence along the outside perimeter just inside the brick wall. Hopefully I'll have the next step of the process done in the next few days with some more uninteresting supplementary photos.


glenna said...

Were there any bricks in the area that was excavated? I sure hope so, for I believe it will take a good many more than you think. Some mighty good progress. Are there any permits required to build that low wall? I sure hope not.........it's not like you could do this project without anyone seeing you. Keep it up...how much have you been able to get Clara girl to help you with? Love Grammy/MOM

NV said...

If you didn’t want to encourage sitting, you could run a foot or so of picket or other decorative plastic/metal across the top of your wall. It would add a little height – without adding bricks and without welcoming “sitters.” :-)

glenna said...

I think EVERYONE NEEDS to know how Zibby has taken to the conversion from Houston to Portsmouth. Just want to hear, see pictures, etc.... Just wait till the first snow falls.

Does he know his boundaries? Does he bark at the yipsters next door, at the mailman, the homeless porch sitters, or creatures that move within? Is he protective of you, Tom and Clara? Has he gone to work with Tom yet and met the other dogs? Inquiring minds want to know. MOM