19 July 2010

Deal of the Day

If you look at home or design magazines even occasionally, you've probably seen these ceramic garden stools at least once or twice.

They're pretty versatile and can be used as a side table if space is tight, as a seat in your shower if you lack a built-in, or of course, as a cute addition to your garden.

And if you've ever looked for them, I'm sure you know about the ceramic garden stools available at Big Lots for the bargain price of $20. But did you know that their lawn and garden decor is now on clearance for 30% off? That brings this item to a mere $14, compared to $87 or even $170 online!

But of course I didn't even pay that much for it. Big Lots had a "Friends & Family" event that entitled shoppers to an additional 20% off their entire purchase, even clearance items. So I was able to snag a white one (they also have blue and red) for only $11.20! Score!


glenna said...

Updates are so important---Pictures-we want pictures, pictures of Tom using his new edger, blog info, Clara info, Visitors pictures, work in progress pictures, etccccc..........

glenna said...

Just saw the blog on my birthday--don't know how I managed to miss it. I am impressed that you went to the trouble of routing the edge of the sink hole, and I have seen lovelier legs (I own them) recently but all looks more ghetto fabulous than I imagined. Sure beats all to heck the hauling of water up and down the stairs for clean up. Can you imagine doing that all your life? We didn't have indoor plumbing until I was 14. Had to draw water from a pump outside, bring it into the house, heat it up on the stove, wash the dishes in the kitchen sink, (yes, we had one with faucet handles and everything) let it drain into a 5 gallon bucket we kept under the sink, haul it outside, etc, etc. We bathed the same way. Kitchen sink baths until we were too large to fit into it anymore. Then just wash ups and in the summer, dips in the lake where we actually took a bar of soap with us. My but hasn't life been good to me. That house of yours has brought back memories long since buried. It's good to reminisce about days past--makes me thankful indeed.