17 February 2009

Fancy schmancy

I don't think I ever mentioned the beautiful (although dirty) chandelier that was left with the house. I'm not sure exactly where it was installed originally, but I do know I'd like to use it again in the house if possible. Here's a (really bad) picture of it. Like I said, it's really dirty, and I was trying to hold it with one hand and take a picture with the other.

The obvious spot for it is the dining room, but I don't know yet if we'll have a formal dining room or not. What about the master bathroom? Code prohibits a chandelier hanging directly over a bathtub without a minimum of 8' of clearance, but just beyond the rim of the bathtub is alright. And of course it would add a romantic touch to the master bedroom, but I had planned on a ceiling fan there instead. Any thoughts?

PS. I plan on cleaning and rewiring the chandelier soon-ish, so I'll be sure to put up some more pictures after she gets a bath.

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