24 January 2009

Flooring options

Cruising the fancy schmancy showroom websites like I always do, I came across a pretty good deal on laminate flooring. I just got a coupon in my inbox that entitles me to 20% off my next purchase, which if I can apply toward that flooring (available online only), would make it a really good deal on laminate flooring. [We plan on putting it in the attic room, and maybe even use it to make treads for the spiral staircase we're planning.] But always the deal-monger, I've looked online at other feasible options. Here are some that I like:

From the fancy schmancy showroom.

$1.70 per square foot ($1.37 if I get the 20% off) with free shipping. Pergo brand. I like the fact that it comes in 3.5" widths and is supposed to look more individualized than a lot of other laminates. I hate it when you can tell it's the same 3-5 woodgrain patterns.


Balterio brand, which I've never heard of, but only $.99 per square foot and comes with a 25 year residential warranty. The planks are 7.5" wide, which I'm not crazy about but will make installation go faster. This website also offers a free sample so I can tell if I like it.


This is about $1.58 per square foot. It comes with underlayment, so that saves time and money in installation. I love how dark it is, but I don't know if it will go with the rest of the flooring in the house (which needs to be sanded and restained anyway). Am I going too dark for a room that gets very little natural light?

Another from Sam's club, priced at $1.50 per square foot. I like the reddish undertone it has. Also has the underlayment. I know that my 2 readers (hi Mom and Marian!) have experience with this sort of DIY project. Any recommendations or pearls of wisdom?

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