11 July 2008


So as you know by now, Tom and I bought a house in Portsmouth, Ohio.
It looks great, right? It is great, really. It just needs a few updates, like walls. The previous owners gutted it almost entirely, then unfortunate circumstances forced a quick sell. Even though there's practically nothing in it, we still feel like we got a good deal. A lot of the hard and expensive work has been done, like replacing the roof and windows, adding in two new furnaces, reframing walls in a more open floor plan, and roughing in plumbing. We both are enthusiastic about it and feel like we can do a lot with the 2660 sq.ft.

I've already spent many hours in there doing preliminary work, material estimates, and cleaning up construction messes. We bought some general supplies already (ladders, a ShopVac that is probably not nearly big enough for all the dirt this project will produce, various tools, etc.), but this weekend we'll be picking up lumber and starting the real work. I'll update with project details as we progress.

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